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What is Singapore Math? FAQ Of Parents

What is Singapore Math?

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Singapore math is a highly effective teaching method that Singapore’s Ministry of Education introduced in the 1980s for their public schools. The approach was introduced in the American curriculum in 1998 and is widely adopted worldwide.

Singapore Math  Major Concepts 

There are two significant concepts under the Singapore Math method: the Part-whole concept and the Comparison concept.

The Part-Whole Concept

Under this concept, teachers use concrete objects to help students understand the part-whole relationship. After visualizing the part-whole relationships, the students can put these relationships in rectangular bars.

For example, “If Janet has 2 Apples and Lydia has 3, how many apples do they have in total?”

Students can learn to solve this problem with concrete objects such as dummy apples. Let the students have three apples for Lydia and 2 for Janet, and ask them to put them together to find the total.

Once they are comfortable counting concrete objects, teach them to draw pictures of the apples within rectangular boxes to illustrate an equation; 3+2=5.

In the next step, they can learn to draw the boxes without objects and eventually draw a single bar representing the larger and minor parts of the equation.

After mastering the concept of addition through such an example, the students will learn how to apply the same idea or notion to solve other similar math problems.

The Comparison Concept

In this concept, students are required to use concrete objects to compare two or more quantities. Once the students visualize how much one quantity is greater than another, they can use bars to show the difference in quantity.

The part-whole and comparison concepts can be applied to all four major math concepts. Once the students understand both concepts, they will learn how to use them in other math problems, such as decimals and fractions.

What is Singapore Math?
Singapore Math focuses on mastering concepts rather than learning to pass tests.

Frequently Asked Questions about Singapore Math

What Characterizes Singapore Math?

Singapore’s math method is characterized by intentional concepts progression that instills a deep understanding of Math. The learning method is focused on mastery achieved through a deliberate sequencing of concepts.

Rather than learning math through memorization, the Singapore math method enables students to think mathematically and rely on knowledge depth gained in past classes. Students learn the importance of math and effective ways to approach it under this program.

Learners also think through concepts and apply previously learned concepts to new problems and real-life situations. This way, they attain border thinking and better engagement with math problems. Singapore math learning also has a strong sense of connectivity to previous knowledge. This differs from US math programs, with skills and concepts more compartmentalized across and within grade levels.
A student learning math through the Singapore math program becomes a better problem solver and more confident and resourceful due to deeper conceptual depth. This naturally prepares them for math learning in higher grades and sets them up for success.

What are the Benefits of Singapore Math?

1. Singapore math provides students a platform to build meaning around math skills and concepts rather than merely memorizing formulas and rules.

2. The learning approach aligns with the US Common Core Standards program.

3. Singapore Math covers topics in-depth, ensuring that students receive a good foundation.

4. The programs enhance students’ understanding, reducing their need for relearning concepts.

5. The workbooks and textbooks of Singapore Math are written concisely and integrate clear graphics.

6. Singapore math concepts are sequential, building upon previously learned skills and concepts.

How is Singapore Math taught?

You teach Singapore math by applying the Concrete, Pictorial Abstract  (CPA) approach. This is a method that helps learners to understand math by building on the existing knowledge.

Concrete Phase:  Students learn to interact with physical objects when working out math problems.

Pictorial Step: Students connect mentally with the physical objects to create a visual representation.

Abstract Phase: Students learn how to use math symbols and numbers.
How is Singapore Math different from other Math curriculums?
 Singapore Math is different from the other Math curriculums in its approach. Rather than utilizing drilling concepts and rote memorization through similar problems, it teaches students how to think mathematically based on theory and build on concepts.

How can I help my Child Understand Singapore Math?

Singapore math generally utilizes a progressive learning approach that keeps children understanding the CPA approach. If you want to help your child, ensure that you use the teacher’s guides, which offer instructions and lesson plans.

Kids on the Yard educators can also offer you the support you need, whether you want to support a child attending private or public school or you are homeschooling them.

At what level should my child begin Singapore Math?

Singapore Math’s levels align with United State schools. However, having your child take the Singapore Math placement test may help determine the best starting level.

What grades are covered in Singapore?

Singapore Math covers Pre-K to 8th grade.

Why is Singapore so Popular?

Singapore Math is gaining a lot of popularity in the US and beyond because it focuses on mastering concepts rather than learning to pass tests. Singapore math is refined to instill foundational skills applied in different math stages.

It enables students to be better problem-solvers even in an unfamiliar context and when solving unstructured problems. Notably, the strong foundation skills in Singapore Math can apply later in the workspace and when addressing complex issues.

How can my child get started with Singapore Math?

The first step is to determine the best program for your child. You can compare different curriculums before settling for the best fit for your child. It would help you familiarize yourself with all the available curriculums before starting.

After identifying the best curriculum, your child should take a placement test. The placement test will ensure they begin learning Singapore math at the right level. What’s more? You can find private groups and online communities for parents and teachers to get more learning and teaching tips, ask questions and get different demonstrations of solving problems.

What should students learn after Singapore Math?

Since Singapore Math helps students to learn vital mathematical thinking skills, they can transition and quickly adapt to any math curriculum after Singapore Math.

How can I select the best Singapore Math Curriculum for my Child?

First, you should realize that the Singapore Math curriculum works best for you if you are looking for a mastery-based program. The curriculum is more about the learning process of doing math than it is about the end goal. It gives more focus on conceptual and logical perspectives.

When choosing the most appropriate program, keep in mind the child’s and family’s needs. Set clear goals of what you want to achieve to avoid shuffling through unnecessary math programs.

Using a placement test after choosing a curriculum is vital to find the best level for your child to start. The placement test will also help you highlight your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Significantly, the test will help you to determine the best program and level for your student. 

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We are keen to apply all the sequencing, techniques, and rigor that characterize Singapore Math. Our team of educators is evolving Singapore Math learning approaches through new series to improve the experience of today’s educators and students.

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