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Sarah Katrina is the Creative Force Behind the Highly Innovative Whole Child Tutoring Approach

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An all-inclusive online and in-person tutoring platform for the 21st Century family inspirational academic and personal growth!

North Miami Beach, Florida, USA – The founder of the Whole Child Approach tutoring center is Sarah Katrina. She was raised in Southern California by her immigrant parents. She learned the importance of early childhood development and firm academics for productive children and families; she grew up with a half-deaf father, a disabled older brother, ethnic barriers, and English as a second language. Sarah Katrina’s first-grade teacher served as a role model for her as a teacher, committed to seeing her students succeed rather than survive.

Sarah taught in the public education system for about seven years after graduating from college in the early 2000s. She realized something was missing in the classroom: emotional awareness. Shortly after, she started a new opportunity as a trained and qualified Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Educator, which she held for the next nine years. 

Sarah Katrina played an essential role in developing a globally recognized social-emotional learning program by touring the major cities. She launched “Kids on the Yard” in the summer of 2018 with one goal in mind: 21st-Century Whole Child Approach Tutoring for In-Person and Online by Inspiring Personal Growth. Her tutoring business had been operating under the auspices of a technology firm for several years. She was able to nurture and develop the necessary methods to integrate SEL and Academics during that time. She switched to remote teaching in the midst of 2020. Kids on the Yard catered to parents who were having problems with distance learning. 

For the school year 2020-2021, the Kids on the Yard team quickly added focus to their services to assist parents and children. They added resources and a free consultation to assist parents in navigating new waters and making the best decisions for their children. The teacher support group consists of successful tutors who develop trust and confidence relationships with students and parents.

The instructors are hand-selected by the expert Educational Team. They are always there to help the kids at every step of the way. So, spend less time looking for answers this year and the most time with the child. Any inquiry is welcome; anytime is fine. Each personalized learning session with the Tutor is monitored, guided, mentored, developed, and evaluated by their State Certified Team behind each of the Teachers.

A completely free 20–30-minute consultation with either of their Educational Advocates kicks off their person-centered approach, intended to provide the parent with an opportunity to discuss any doubts or issues they might have. Next, their EAs do their homework to find the best educator for the child. Their tutors are excellent professionals, but they recommend that the families meet with them before starting workshops with the institute to assure that everyone is on a common platform and working together for the same goal.

Every child is exceptional. There is no longer a need to take the one-size-fits-all method. All things are possible when children and adults feel genuine support from an educator. The Expert Team of educators review, analyze, and develop a personalized approach for each child’s unique skill set and learning abilities. They then put together a shortlist of one-on-one tutors from which parents can choose based on their specific requirements to determine the academic goals, as well as his or her strengths and weaknesses.

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Company Name: Kids on the Yard
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State: Florida
Country: United States


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