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Parent’s Point of View #111: Should I Prepare My Child for State Standardized Testing?

Should I Prepare My Child for State Standardized Testing? My Child failed the mid-term exams - Can you help me? 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade? Math, Reading. Writing?

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Should I Prepare My Child for State Standardized Testing?

Standardized tests have, for the longest time, been surrounded by mixed thoughts. For example, some feel the tests are biased and do not offer students equal opportunities to succeed. Or on the other hand, many support the application of the tests since they determine students’ readiness for the next grade from elementary school to college. Whether you support or are oppose standardized tests, you will agree that it is critical to prepare students for these tests.

Few Questions We Get From Concerns From Parents Regarding State Standardized Testing

At Kids on the Yard, you speak with real educators. Our team are state-certified teachers, you can ask any educational questions. No more trying to guess.
At Kids on the Yard, you speak with real educators. Our team are state-certified teachers, you can ask any educational questions. No more trying to guess.

Should I determine whether or not my child should take a State standardized test?

A concerned 10th grader parent, Nevada.

What impact does standardized testing have on my child going onto the next grade?

A concerned 8th grader parent, Kansas.

Can standardized tests measure my child’s abilities?

A homeschooling mom from Ideo.

Can it negatively impact students’ confidence?

Parent from NYC

In this article, we shall provide answers to some of the most asked questions by parents concerning the preparation of state standardized testing.

Should I Determine Whether or Not My Child Should Take State Standardized Tests?

Ultimately, students and families don’t always have much say in what standardized tests they do or don’t have to take. That decision is generally up to schools, school districts, college admissions offices, and graduate and professional programs. But, no matter where you come down on the arguments for and against standardized testing, there’s a good chance you’re going to have to take a few of them throughout your education.

Is It Unfair to Certain Types of Learners?

For low-income students, standardized tests often misrepresent the academic abilities of English Language Learner (ELL) students and students with special needs. Although testing accommodations exist, these tests are still designed with a particular student in mind. Opposers of standardized tests argue that anyone who deviates from that ideal, for whatever reason, is automatically at a disadvantage.

It Creates a Universal Standard for Education.

The apparent purpose of standardized testing is to create a standard. Proponents of standardized testing argue that some examinations outside of school curricula—which can vary widely by the school district—can help an education system better compare students from very different backgrounds because all these students took the exact same test. Measuring students against that universal standard makes it easier to evaluate and rank them.

What Are the Significant Problems With State Standardized Tests?

One of the significant problems of standardized tests is eliminating social studies, foreign languages, arts, and music. The tests also hinder students’ writing skills development since most of the answers require multiple choices. The tests can also generative negative feelings in students concerning their abilities to excel in exams and life. On the other hand, teachers have to focus on good results rather than improving students’ understanding of all learning materials.

How Do Standardized Tests Affect Students?

Standardized tests facilitate important academic milestones such as graduating to a new class. Unfortunately, they fail to accommodate students who demonstrate and learn academic proficiency differently. For example, a student could be poor in multi-choice questions but be excellent in writing. The tests also put a lot of emphasis on math, reading, and writing while neglecting other subjects. While the tests are fair due to applying the same evaluation methods, they do not consider some variables such as learning disabilities, language deficiencies, cultural conventions, and challenging home lives.

It Holds Teachers and Students Accountable

In the same way that standardized tests provide a standard to measure students, they can also help set more significant educational standards for schools across a state or country. Standardized tests make educational initiatives like No Child Left Behind or the Common Core more concrete by checking students’ academic progress. Superintendents and governments know to get involved if students in particular school districts struggle to perform at grade level.

How Do Standardized Tests Affect Teachers?

Standardized tests prevent teachers from providing a broad curriculum, and instead, they end up “teaching for the exam.” Teachers may feel frustrated since these tests take a lot of their time during preparation and administration. They may also feel pressured by the administration or school to improve their tests scores. There are instances where teachers feel that the exams measure achievement rather than progress.

Can Standardized Tests Measure My Child’s Abilities?

While standardized tests may help determine where your child stands in the education field, they don’t accurately represent their full potential academically and in other aspects of life.

What Impact Does Standardized Testing Have on High School Students?

Standardized tests impact the experiences and lives of students in many ways. They may help students to work harder and to feel empowered. On the other hand, the tests may lead to competition, anxiety, and stress. Teachers and parents should help students overcome stressful events for a positive test experience.


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Should I Prepare for State Standardized Testing in English or math or writing? I failed the mid-term exams, and they don't want to pass me next year? Need help
Where to start? I need support

The introduction of standardized tests in America is historical since never before had a society sought to evaluate its members’ character and abilities in the same manner. However, many states believe that the tests should not be used to evaluate the effectiveness of teachers, while others believe they are biased and not suitable for kids. Some parents are nevertheless still unfamiliar with the tests, and therefore they struggle to help their children prepare.

State Standardized Testing – Take Away

At Kids on the Yard, we come across so many questions regarding standardized testing methods in high school. Besides answering your questions, we can also offer your high schooler excellent tutoring services and support to improve their test performance and academic success. We offer in-home and online tutoring services that help teens reach their full potential.

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