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Standardized Testing By State

Standardized Testing By State

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Standardized tests gauge student’s learning abilities and teacher’s or school’s performances. There is a misconception that the test only measures a school’s performance without evaluating individual students’ abilities. Contrary to this misconception, standardized tests play a significant role in your child’s education and may be used in grade promotion or graduation. As a parent, you must effectively prepare your child for the test.

By now, there isn’t a U.S. family with school-age children that haven’t experienced a standard examination, be it national analyses like the SAT-9, SAT-10, MAT-8, California Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR), or New York State Testing Program (NYSTP), or state tests like the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT), State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR), as well as Georgia Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT).

What is a Standardized Test?

A standardized test is a testing system that follows a standard approach.  Questions, test duration, and the answers’ evaluation process are the same for all students in these tests.

Why is Standardized Test Important?

Standard tests provide objective measures. Students under assessment are given the same questions, have similar testing conditions, and are graded by a blind reviewer or a machine.  The tests facilitate unbiased and accurate information about the knowledge of a student. They also allow parents to know a school’s performance compared to other schools in the district and the state.

Standardized tests make it possible to compare your child’s performance with their peers and state benchmarks. The tests further provide parents with information about the performance of a wide range of schools, making it easy for them to identify the best schools in their state.

Standardized tests hold schools accountable for their student’s academic performance. By analyzing the test results, the government can identify schools that need intervention, reward, or closure. Without such tests, it would be impossible for policymakers to identify schools that deserve rewards or poorly performing ones requiring intervention.

How Do You Prepare Your Child for Standardized Tests?

Seek information from the teachers about the purpose of the test.  Know if the test is meant to gauge the school’s or your child’s performance.  Also, ask the teachers how about the schedule of the tests for adequate preparation.

Please discuss with your child how ready they are for the test.  Find out their strengths and weakness, and intervene on their weaknesses.  Identify previous mistakes and work on them before the exam. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Please help your child to build a positive mindset since it primarily affects test performance.  A positive attitude will also improve your child’s confidence. Let them know that you are proud of them no matter how much they score on the test.

Reviewing the test instructions thoroughly with your child will give them a clue of what to expect.  Let them understand all the instructions before the test begins. Please encourage them to answer all questions through the application of critical thinking skills and confidence.

Healthy eating habits and a good night’s rest can significantly impact your child’s performance.  Ensure that they sleep early for proper relaxation before the exam day. On the other hand, an adequate diet will improve their physical and mental well-being.

 During the D-day, prepare a nutritious breakfast for your child to build their stamina.  Avoid foods that could cause them fatigue or digestive issues.  Encourage them with positive words, a hug,  or anything else that will make them feel confident. Also, be relaxed and cheerful, and they will also feel the same.

Encourage them to speak out about their thoughts about the positive or negative test.  Also, try and understand how they tackled some of the questions in the test. A test analysis will give them better insight for the next test.

Standardized Tests Table by State

Name   of the State              Name of the TestAbbreviation
AlabamaAlabama Reading and Mathematics TestsARMY
AlaskaTerra NovaSBA HSGQE
ArizonaArizona’s Instrument to Measure StandardsAIMS
ArkansasArkansas’ Augmented Benchmark ExamBABE
CaliforniaStandardized Testing and ReportingSTAR
ColoradoColorado Student Assessment ProgramCSAP
ConnecticutConnecticut Mastery Test  Connecticut Academic Performance TestCMT  CAPT
DelawareDelaware Student Testing ProgramDSTP
FloridaFlorida Comprehensive Assessment TestF
GeorgiaCriterion-Referenced Competency TestsCRCT
HawaiiHawaii State AssessmentHSA
IdahoIdaho State Achievement TestsISAT
IllinoisIllinois Standards Achievement TestISAT
IndianaIndiana Statewide Testing for Educational ProgressISTEP+
IowaIowa Test of Basic Skills  Iowa Tests of Educational DevelopmentITBS ITED
KansasKansas State AssessmentKSA
KentuckyKentucky Core Content TestsKCCT
LouisianaLEAP Alternate AssessmentiLEAP
MaineNew England Common Assessment Program  Maine Educational Assessment Maine High School AssessmentNECAP  MEA MHSA
MarylandMaryland School AssessmentMSA
MassachusettsMassachusetts Comprehensive Assessment SystemMCAS
MichiganMichigan Educational Assessment ProgramMAP
MinnesotaMinnesota Comprehensive Assessments Series IIMCA II
MissouriMissouri Assessment ProgramMAP
MontanaMontana Comprehensive Assessment SystemMonica’s
NebraskaNebraska State Accountability AssessmentsNASA
NevadaNevada Proficiency Examination ProgramNPEP
New HampshireNew England Common Assessment ProgramRECAP
New JerseyPartnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and CareersPARCC
New MexicoNew Mexico Statewide Articulated Assessment ProgramNMSBA
New YorkNew York State Testing ProgramNYSTP
North CarolinaNorth Carolina Standardized TestLOG
North DakotaNorth Dakota’s State AssessmentNDSA
OhioOhio Achievement TestOAT
OklahomaOklahoma Core Curriculum TestsOCT
OregonOregon Statewide Assessment SystemOAKS
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania System of School AssessmentPSSA
Rhode IslandNew England Common Assessment ProgramRECAP
South CarolinaSouth Carolina Statewide Assessment ProgramSC PASS
South DakotaDakota State Test of Educational ProgressSTEP
TennesseeTennessee Comprehensive Assessment ProgramTOP
TexasState of Texas Assessment of Academic ReadinessSTAAR
UtahUtah Performance Assessment System for StudentsU-PASS
VermontNew England Common Assessment ProgramRECAP
VirginiaVirginia Standards of LearningSOL
WashingtonWashington Comprehensive Assessment ProgramWCAP
West VirginiaWest Virginia Educational Standards TestWEST
WisconsinWisconsin Knowledge and Concept EvaluationWKCE
WyomingProficiency Assessments for Wyoming StudentsPAWS

What’s More?

For your child to perform better in standardized tests, they will require months or years of preparation. Always check on their school progress and homework progress as a prior preparation for the tests.  Also, be there for them by providing them with the necessary learning tools and support. By so doing, you will improve your child’s academic and personal development.


If you want to change your child’s performance on standard examinations, do not over-focus on short-term test prep, as it only builds pressure which is typically counter-productive. The best service is to stay involved in your kid’s education and keep in mind that standard tests, while providing insight, are not the final say on just how much your kid is discovering or how well they will certainly do in life, even in academics.

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