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Why is Individualized Tutoring more Effective than Group Tutoring?

Why is Individualized Tutoring more Effective than Group Tutoring?

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Many parents search for tutoring services when their children struggle with some subjects, are not well-motivated,  seem nervous, or lack confidence in school subjects. It could also be that your child wants homework help, but you are not well-equipped to help them.

Once you realize that your child needs the help of a tutor, the next decision is to determine the most effective plan. Would you prefer personalized tutoring or group tutoring services?

 At Kids on the Yard, we advocate and offer individualized tutoring services to students for the following reasons:

Receives individualized attention during Online Tutoring.
Receives individualized attention during Online Tutoring.

1. Your child receives individualized attention:

Though it is mostly overlooked, this is the most significant benefit of individualized tutoring. A modern classroom comprises about 20 to 30 students per teacher. As a result, it becomes challenging for a teacher to give an individual student long-term focus, especially if they struggle with such a considerable number.

The same thing happens when you enroll your child in group-based tutoring. While there may be lesser students in this plan compared to a regular classroom, the tutor still has to divide their time among several students. Again, this means that your child gets lesser attention and lesser compared to what they would get from an individualized tutoring plan.

Individualized tutoring ensures that your child gets enough attention and time from the tutor, something that brings out the best of them. In other words, a child under an individualized tutoring plan makes quicker progress than one who goes through a group tutoring plan.

2. Your child enjoys a more relaxed learning environment:

It’s possible to view this benefit as minor, but the truth is that it significantly impacts students. A less-pressured environment reduces your child’s anxiety and improves their confidence, and sometimes your child may get the service from the comfort of your seating room. There are a lot of benefits from individualized tutoring, especially when your child is receiving it online.

Learning from a familiar environment offers a comfortable environment to make mistakes. The best learning doesn’t come from getting every answer right; it comes with realizing one’s mistake, why it occurred and how to rectify it. Individualized tutoring also gives shy and nervous kids n opportunity to practice answering questions away from the classroom. This improves their confidence to the extent of becoming active in class.

3. Your child enjoys learning:

Another significant benefit of individualized tutoring over group tutoring is that students enjoy their lessons. This is an important indicator that your child will progress well. In a group setting, activities aim to simultaneously appeal to different learning styles: Students don’t completely engage in their work, hence learning less.

In an individualized tutoring setting, tutors tailor their lessons to fit the individual learning preferences of your child. As such, your child progresses at their own pace. Hence they don’t experience any learning gap. In addition, individualized tutoring increases engagement between a student and a tutor, thus keeping your child more involved. Online lessons can further improve your child’s attention, causing them to be more motivated to learn.

4. You get more personalized feedback:

One of the most significant advantages of individualized tutoring is that there is a lot of communication involved. Students, for example, get regular feedback and advice that improves their learning and support their challenges. Your child may also benefit from free advice and resources with individualized online tuition.

Individualized tutoring organization also provides parents with more feedback than organizations that offer group tutoring. Both online and in-person individualized tutors take their time to give the parents information after tutoring sessions. They may also provide regular reports concerning your child’s progress. This gives you a clear image of your child’s progress, both their strengths and weaknesses and what should be done to improve. Personalized feedback gives you a more significant opportunity to be more involved in your child’s learning process.

one-on-one tutoring in person or online

5. Your child learns more than how to answer to a problem:

Individualized tutoring helps students fill in learning gaps experienced in a regular classroom. It also improves your child’s understanding and ability in a subject. For example, individualized tutors educate your child on why a formula is used or where an answer is coming from besides teaching your child how something works out. This learning approach ensures that your child understands the subject and encourages them to apply the same concept across learning. In others words, your child becomes a better learner!

6. It is flexible!

While we have emphasized the relationship between tutor and student when it comes to individualized tutoring, the relationship is defined on the child’s or parent’s terms. You can quickly stop a tutor if either you or your child is not satisfied with their service. In addition, there is more flexibility in hiring a tutoring company since you can easily change your lesson time, request a new tutor, or add or decrease the number of lessons your child receives.

7. Better value for your money:

At first, the cost of hiring an individualized tutor seems expensive, and it is cited as the primary concern. However, cost efficiency is the main benefit of this tutoring plan. In addition, as mentioned earlier, one-on-one tutoring accelerates your child’s growth rate beyond classroom learning or group tutoring. This is because your child gets extra attention and time from the tutor. In other words, you quickly get value for your money by hiring an individualized tutor.

8. Individualized tutoring scales based on a child’s growth: 

Since one-on-one tutoring session is designed around an individual student’s area of weakness, there is no risk of your child experiencing learning gaps. A tutor only moves to a new concept once a student masters all the essential building skills.

9. It goes beyond learning school skills.

A quality individualized tutoring program focuses beyond academic skills for your child to be all-rounded. Our personalized tutoring plan at Kids on the Yard is perfect for kids struggling with scores and confidence and those that are lagging. In addition, successful tutors build strong, personal relationships with students and parents.

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A lesson with a chemistry tutor
A lesson with a chemistry tutor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is individualized tutoring too expensive for my needs?

As we mentioned earlier in this article, one-on-one tutoring may seem expensive, but it is cost-effective in the long run. However, it’s important to note that some organizations have quite steep charges that may not align with the services that they offer. Therefore, it is recommendable to use online tutoring due to its cost-effectiveness.

At Kids on the Yard, we offer online and in-person tutoring services at a fee that fits your budget. We have tutoring programs for every budget and offer flexible monthly options and payment plans to get personalized learning for your child. In addition, we have several payment options and special financing available to ensure that the students get the attention they need and parents feel comfortable knowing that tutoring can be affordable and accessible to their families.

It only takes a moment to find out more details by meeting one of our Educational Team using a Call or SMS: Toll-Free USA: 844 902 4242 or for International: +1 850 848 4242.

How can I determine if a tutoring company is as good as they claim?

It is not easy to determine if a tutoring company will fit your child’s needs. However, you can check the organization’s online profile and read its testimonials and reviews online.

Besides visiting our website, you can read testimonials from our clients and see our ratings!

What makes an excellent online tutor?

It is always good to check on the qualifications of an online tutor before hiring them.   Whether they teach online or in-person, every tutor should be an experienced, qualified teacher. This is because they may need to repeat a concept repeatedly before a student understands. Secondly, they should also be self-confident and quickly build rapport with students. They should also adapt to student’s needs and have good communication skills. A good tutor should also be patient and flexible and should also be respectable, and professional at all times. What’s more, find an online tutor who can relate their lessons to real-life scenarios.

What are the benefits of tutoring?

·         Your child receives individualized and customized lessons that fit their needs.
·         One-on-one tutors understand your child’s learning style and adapt their teaching method accordingly.
·         Tutoring improves your child’s academic performance by preparing them for exams and tests. Tutors also work on specific challenging areas, enhancing your child’s comprehension of a subject.
·         Tutoring improves your child’s learning attitude and experience by making it fun.
·          It teaches your child time management and encourages self-directed and self-paced learning.
·         Tutoring also boosts your child’s confidence and self-esteem by providing the necessary skills and resources to excel.
·          It helps your child adopt effective study habits, improving their work.
·          One-on-one tutoring provides a positive workspace for your child and is free of distractions.
·          It encourages responsibility and independence by helping your child realize their personal growth.
·         Tutoring helps students overcome learning obstacles through tutors targeting their learning troubles, whether in language, reading, math, or writing.
·         It also improves behavioral and social skills by strengthening your child’s communication and social skills.
·         Tutoring increases your child’s ability to manage their learning. As a result, your child becomes competent in their knowledge and successfully manages their school work.
·          It motivates under-estimated and bored students to reach their full potential.

When should you contact Kids on the Yard?

You should contact us when your child’s grade falls among the following reasons:

1. Poor study skills:
Watch out if your child writes incomplete or sloppy notes from class and homework. Also, determine if they easily distract or fail, or have poor habits during studying.
They take too long to accomplish homework:
 Your child may take too long to complete homework due to a lack of comprehension or distraction. First, determine how they spend their time and how long it takes to begin homework once they start.

2. Your child does not care:
 If your child initially enjoyed school but suddenly seems apathetic and lazy about the idea of studies, there could be something wrong. Contact a tutor to help you identify the problem and help them overcome it.

3. Procrastination and avoidance:
If your child avoids or procrastinating a lot, they are probably struggling with some material.

Final Thought:

Kids on the Yard is an employee-based company, including our Tutors, who are guided and mentored by Senior Educators.

We know schools. As a parent, you want the best, and we can help. As Educators, we know children. So we approach the Whole child when there are academic struggles—building rapport, confidence-boosting, and mastering academic skills not just to survive school but to thrive as learners are our results.

We use the Kids on the Yard Whole Child Approach in our tutoring sessions.

It only takes a moment to find out more details by meeting one of our Educational

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